Passive fire protection measures – it is something we know well

Passive firesafety measures are the specialty of Secure Builder company. Since over 15 years we perform professional services by designing, installing and fitting passive fire safety systems in all sectors of construction industry.

We safeguard all installation entries in walls and ceilings. We fill expansion and construction gaps. We protect electric cables, railways, channels and cable entries. We install fire safety measure systems for air ducts and air conditioning.

We establish and separate fire zones. We protect construction steel and wooden elements. We install curtains and fire-break compartimentation. We safeguard door and window joinery from fire.

Passive fire protection measures proposed by Secure Builder are completely safe products which possess essential, required in Poland as well as European Union, approvals and technical recommendations.

Specialists of Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection Specialists is the full general definition of Secure Builder’s team of employees. We hire an international group of educated and tested specialists who have essential degree knowledge and many years of experiences, certified by their many credentials. It becomes a guarantee of a proper and fully satisfying for the contractor principal performance of entrusted tasks.

Effective fire protection in Poland and within the territory of European Union

Secure Builder is known for reliability and mobility. We successfully conduct our activity regardless of the location. We realize commissions within the territory of whole Poland and Europe. We respect all clients so hence there are no commissions that are too big or too small for us.

We performed our tasks within the territory of Poland, Ireland, Great Britain, Portugal, Germany and Netherlands. Our products are excellent and our services unique. Secure Builder offers appropriately chosen passive fire protection which meets standards of fire proofness up to 240 minutes.

We invite you to cooperate with us!