Passive fire protection with certification

Secure Builder company applies passive fire protection which possess any currently in force and obtainable CE approvals which meet European Technical Approvals (ETA certificates), possessing up to date approvals and recommendations issued by Institute of Building Technology (ITB).

Individual, tested solutions of fire protection

For each client of Secure Builder we may propose individual solutions beneficial for given investment and contractor. They are realized by us in any allowed technology of fire protection. appropriate for specific types of construction works. On the basis of on-site verification and received documentation we perform calculations of proposed works free of charge.

We support our clients in the project stage. After we realize tasks entrusted to us we hand in a complete subcontracted documentation. We help and participate in acceptances conducted by inspectors of building control.

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render-02Protection of all culverts installation and penetration in walls and ceillings.

render-03Safeguarding of HVAC systems, covering of air ducts with specials fire protection boards.

render-04Fire protection of electric channels, cable trays and conduits.

render-05Protection of structural steel and wood components with fireproof materials.

render-06Fire protection for expansion joints.

render-07Doors and windows gaps fire protection.

render-08External fire barrier and fire curtain.

We cooperate only with leading producers offering systems for fire protection which possess relevant documentation and certification.